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Welcome! My name is Nikhil, and I am a junior at Stanford University majoring in Computer Science.

I created this website to explain a bit about myself, and to perhaps reveal some aspects of my personality and interests which my social media pages don't show. Please feel free to poke around and read those sections which most interest you, or get in touch with me through my social media links at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for your visit!


Stanford CS 106L Co-lecturer, Beginning Sept 2020

In this challenging role, I'll co-lecture a class on standard C++ concepts to dozens of Stanford students. I'll also work with my co-lecturer to shape the curriculum and assignments.

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Facebook SWE Intern, June-Sept 2020

In this role at Facebook, I've been designing and programming a backend API for Instagram, as well as an internal web page for querying that API. This internship has given me further experience with Python and HTML, introduced me to new technologies such as Django, and given me the satisfaction of being responsible for a substantial software project.

CS 106A/106B Section Leader, Stanford University, Sept 2019-June 2020

In this role, I taught a weekly section of approximately 8-12 students as a part of Stanford's introductory computer science courses. In addition, I graded students' assignments and provided feedback as well as assisted in grading exams. Over the course of the year, I took on a number of other responsibilities. For example, I was a volunteer section leader for Code in Place, which was an abbreviated online offering of Stanford's CS 106A. I also took on a position as an Accessibility TA during the spring and worked to analyze the accessibility of Stanford computer science courses' online resources.

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Software Engineering Professionals SWE Intern, Carmel, IN, June-Aug 2019

In my first internship of my college career, I had the privilege of being treated as a full-time developer and taking on similar tasks as the other developers on my Scrum team. Over the course of the role, I gained experience with JavaScript and Java as I made significant contributions to backend repositories owned by our Fortune 100 client. Furthermore, through working on a web application, I gained experience with React. Lastly, I developed GraphQL APIs for interacting with the backend. Throughout my entire internship, I learned how to collaborate effectively and efficiently on software alongside a fast-paced team.

NeuroLex Labs Innovation Fellow, June-Aug 2019

I was one of approximately 20 individuals to be selected as an Innovation Fellow among over 200 applicants for NeuroLex's 2019 cohort. As an Innovation Fellow, I completed a software project utilizing Twilio to expand the offerings of SurveyLex, NeuroLex's flagship product for voice surveys. Specifically, I implemented an automated notifications service to send text reminders on a designated basis to take a survey, as well as a method of taking SurveyLex surveys via voice calls. I tailored this project to ultimately further NeuroLex's goal of bringing to market a primary care voice test to quickly refer patients to specialists. Upon completion of my project, I earned third prize in the competition.

Credit: NeuroLex
Credit: Stanford Student Space Initiative

Stanford Student Space Initiative Member, Stanford University, Oct 2018-June 2019

During my freshman year, I was a part of the original founding team on a project to develop a safer method of obtaining data from hurricanes—through high-altitude helium balloons! As a part of this team, I contributed to the development of a vent for helium at the balloon's apex to increase the length of flight possible. Additionally, I worked on the avionics for the balloon's payload using C and numerous sensors. These aspects of our project were necessary for the successful flight of our balloon.



Perfect Score on 2017 AP Calculus BC Exam

I was one of the 3 students in the world out of 133,000 test takers to receive a perfect score on the exam. As a result, I was interviewed for a front-page article by the Indianapolis Star, which you can read here. I was also mentioned on social media by my Representative in U.S. Congress, Susan Brooks.

U.S. Presidential Scholars Semifinalist

Among nearly 4,500 candidates for the program, I was selected as one of 630 semifinalists. The program was initiated in 1964 as an Executive Order of the President. Candidates are selected among all graduating seniors in the country for either SAT or ACT score, excellence in the arts, or excellence in career or technical fields. Semifinalists are selected among the candidates following an application process. As a candidate in this program, I was recognized in the Indiana State Capitol by Indiana Senator Mike Delph.

Perfect Score on 2018 AP Research Exam

I was one of 111 students out of 9,640 in the world to receive a perfect score on this exam, my second perfect score on an Advanced Placement examination.

American Association of Teachers of German Study Trip Award

I received this all-expense-paid 3-week trip to Germany funded by the German government. Over 20,000 students of German sat for the National German Exam. Those who scored in the 90th percentile were eligible to apply, and of those who applied, 44 were selected.

National Merit Scholar

I was selected as one of 7,500 recipients of the National Merit Scholarship from the pool of 1.6 million PSAT test-takers.

Outstanding Math Department Senior

Each year, each academic department in my high school names one senior from the more than 1100 graduating seniors the "outstanding senior" for that department based upon work performed throughout high school. I was selected for the mathematics department award during my senior year.

Distinguished Graduate

I was named one of approximately 30 Distinguished Graduates among the more than 1100 students in my high school graduating class. Criteria for selection included academic achievement and involvement in school activities.



For years, I have been an avid musician. As a young child, I started taking Indian classical vocal lessons as well as Indian classical percussion lessons. A few years later, I started playing the saxophone. Over the years, I have performed in numerous Indian classical concerts, including a two-hour-long solo concert in June 2018, and have played saxophone in a variety of classical and jazz ensembles. Visit my YouTube channel, linked below, to hear some of my performances!

German Language

Since the sixth grade, I have enjoyed learning the German language, and have devoted countless hours to its study. I have C1 "advanced" certification for the language under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, and have obtained the Indiana Certificate of Multilingual Proficiency. Additionally, the summer before my senior year of high school, I was one of 44 students across the United States selected for German language skills to take part in a 3-week all-expense-paid trip to Germany. In the picture, you can see me in Munich, or, as the Germans call it, München!


Origami is one of my biggest hobbies, and I've been a fan of this art form since elementary school. Over the years, I've folded hundreds (and possibly thousands) of origami models, and have even designed dozens of my own origami models. I especially enjoy geometric origami, including tessellations and fractals. Moreover, I have been teaching origami for a few years, including being the president and co-founder of my high school's Origami Club and teaching an origami class to a group of high school students as a part of Stanford Splash. What you see in the picture is an independently-discovered design and one of my most recent creations. It's a fractal which has been rotated and tessellated four times!